PACCCK Electronics provides a full range of mil-spec hardware and components, factory new with full traceability.


PACCCK Electronics is a top source for satellite, nano-satellite, spacecraft and launchpad manufacturers.


PACCCK Electronics has been instrumental in providing parts to assist various medical companies during a time of unprecedented volume.


PACCCK Electronics supplies to the automotive, green energy, traffic, security screening and other commercial and industrial OEM’s and CM’s.


  • Accurate Screw Machine
  • Acme Industrial
  • Actron Mfg
  • Advanced Interconnections
  • Airfasco
  • Alpha Wire
  • Amatom
  • American Bolt & Screw
  • American Zettler
  • ANPart Numbers
  • Atlee
  • Avdel
  • B&B Specialties
  • Bivar Accurate Screw Machine
  • Acme Industrial
  • Actron Mfg
  • Littlefuse
  • Long-Lok
  • Lyn-Tron
  • Machine Screws
  • Major League Electronics
  • Marco Mfg
  • Manhattan / CD Manhattan / CDT
  • Marathon Special Products
  • Mersen
  • Micro Plastics
  • Mill-Max
  • Molex
  • MRL Mfg
  • MS Part Numbers
  • NAS Part Numbers
  • Nuts
  • Optifuse
  • Opto22

About us

With over 15 years experience in distribution, PACCCK was formed to bring together individuals that understand the customers needs.

In a fast paced and demanding environment, PACCCK Electronics provides a high end service at low cost, that ensures each and every customer is treated equally.

PACCCK Electronics is a family owned business that not only goes the extra mile for each customer, but also treats every customer like family.

Call PACCCK today and see how we can assist and deliver quality products and service.

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